Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Purchased a baby pot of yellow Parade roses tucked into a demure, brown porcelain coffee mug at Trader Joe's today in an effort to cheer myself up.
The sky keeps threatening to rain but all it does is sneak desperate blasts of cold, dry air under my skin.

Browsed through a whole display of the sappiest, mushiest Hallmark cards in between classes. Finally chose one and wondered about forking over money for sweet nothings on square-shaped cardstock. I could just as easily steal the clever phrases and make my own cards. But I bought it anyway. Tucked it between my physiology notes and shuffled on to class.

Aaron Parks - Afterglow
[It] fits my mood at the end of the best of the best days, as reality resumes its dullness. Its stressors. The things that pull my head from out of the clouds. Perhaps I could be a giraffe in another life. The clouds would not be so far away and I could keep dreaming for just a little longer.

I miss going to sleep with a smile on my face, waking up to a smiling, loving face.

Reminders to self:
-Buy more stamps
-Stop feeling so sad
-Drink less coffee

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