Thursday, March 12, 2009


how things have changed
(I/you/we) could be so superficial
And cruel
And meaningful and worthless at the same time
high school's "frigid bitch"
I hope it feels better soon
or later
maybe tomorrow

once in a while
stop thinking in terms of forever
holding things in
hiding nothing
and everything
for every apparent reason
I couldn't have it all

(I/you/we) could be so selfish
hide behind that judgment
that foolishness
that comparison
that jealousy
that coldness
that love-hate
that love-to-hate

in the composite darkness of
our borrowed souls
our naked souls
and those recycled lies
and those crocheted truths

(I/you/we) wanted
still want so much
more than what is there
more than what is here but
still less than what I choose to

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