Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is like dangling a string with a carrot at the end in front of an unknowing little bunny rabbit. Its eyes grow wide and its ears angle towards the sky and its tail wiggles in anticipation as it scampers so eagerly towards the prize. Yet you dangle the bait with my eyes on the prize and I fail to pause to think that I might not get my paws on it now. Maybe later, you say, maybe later.

One of the favorite pairs I have made thus far.

I love this.

Getting ready to let them go... as my first commissioned pieces :)


  1. It's lovely! As is your blog...

  2. WTF?! You made them?! My god woman. You're full of surprises. I'm HUGE on jewelry. When it comes to them, for me it's always "the bigger the better".
    I want them earrings! How much you selling for?