Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's distractions...

1. French Country Flavors Gift Set @ urbanspice
I love the decadent purple color of the Old Vine Merlot Sea Salt. I imagine just adding a pinch or two of these when cooking some hearty winter dishes... perhaps a creamy tomato & basil bisque?

2. A-Cute Triangle Heels in Teal Blue @ ModCloth
Perfect little triangle cutouts and a gorgeous color to boot. Would wear these to go frolicking in a vintage velvet frock and cashmere tights.

3. Amity Silk and Chiffon Chemise @ Hopeless
Gorgeous white and just the right amount of ruffle. I would never, ever get out of bed.

4. Carnival des fleurs vintage flower hair pin set @ FleurAvenue
Charming pops of color to add a little bit of easy glamour to a messy bun for cozying up with a book and a chai tea latte on rainy days...

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