Saturday, May 16, 2009

Almost there.

Finally purchased my cap & gown today.
I have no idea what week it is.
I must be unwittingly avoiding any recognition of time in a subconscious effort to prolong a blissful sense of constancy--
In less than one month, I will be leaving the place I have known as home for the past four years.
I'm terrified and yet I can't wait to start anew and let change inspire me.

Los Angeles,
the city of all things fast and furious
yet slow and unwavering and indefinite
snaking along in the hustling and bustling
the cars on its streets mumbling and grumbling
its endlessness and
the sunshine and persuasion
the city of no limits
of excess and temptation
the city that makes you wait
and wait and wait
the city inspires and breathes a spark into each endeavor
and holds you hostage
as you drive yourself to a fit of carefree passion
you can have everything
and nothing at the same time
a city for dreamers and thinkers and doers,
a city for me.

You have to be so patient to live in this city.
I will miss it dearly.

1 comment:

  1. And Los Angeles will miss you! If it doesn't, at least I will on its behalf.

    When's our next dinner! (I'm going to try desperately to cram myself into your schedule)