Saturday, May 30, 2009

"you are in a pensive mood today"

...said the lady with the cropped silver hair perched on the bouffant sofa near the baby grand piano, as my last note curled and disappeared into the air.

And a ripple of exhaustion washes over as my eyelids give me away.

No, no, I'll be okay.

Acrylic on recycled cardstock

The amount of sheer creativity and synthesis required in one hour of expounding pure soul wipes me out, knocks me over and renders me so, so tired. I have to stop at an hour and fifteen, before the music steals my soul completely.

Today, I feel unruffled. Journal in bag, music in head, waking up wishing the morning moments would last forever... warm, unthinking, unfazed by the noises in the street... the greenish morning light. pull the blanket back over my bare legs and curl back into a dreamy sleep.

we went on a vacation! to the beach!
The sand is not so bad, really...

The silence and bliss. Meandering happiness in...

*fresh laundry. warm fuzzy towels.
*decadent soaps in the lingerie drawer

*manicures with a different color of polish on each finger

*pomegranate green tea

*patent leather buckled flats

*Chanel No. 5

*glamorous, fabulous weekends.

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