Monday, April 12, 2010

rainy mondays

When the rain and those sneaky little allergy medicines threaten to leave me in bed all day floundering, bleary-eyed and drowsy, a strong cup of coffee and something lovely to gush at never fail to come to the rescue.

My head spins when I think of all the possible trinkets and treasures I could store in this amazing coffee table.
Townsend Coffee Table
found via the wonderful Mrs. French at Bliss

Spring rain glass bottle vintage brass chain necklace, via Just Me Jewelery

While we are on the subject of rain... how lovely would it be do capture your very own raindrops, frozen in time in glass...

tea time lariat via Cloud Cuckoo Land

Or watch the endless rain, peeking from the safety of the teacup held up to your lips...


  1. Love that coffee table, darling!


  2. Love this little memory box - all your favourite treasures on display!

  3. love that teapot necklace. So cute!

  4. ugh, i know exactly what you mean about allergy medicines! you're right, pretty things do help beat the drowsiness.