Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time never waits

All of life
Is in one drop of the ocean waiting to go home
Just waiting to go home
And if the moon
Can turn the tides it can pull the tears
And take them from our eyes
Make them into monsoons
Turn them into monsoon-er or later
They’ll weep their way back to the sea
Gonna finally be free
Free for a while
Until they break
Like waves of sorrow always do all in due time
Because time never waits

--Jack Johnson, Monsoon

It is so strange when one day spent indoors floundering and not paying attention to what is outside leads to the appearance of blooming and growing things that were just not there yesterday, or a few days before. One day the cherry trees were blooming and the next, the blossoms had been replaced entirely with leaves. And you realize, time really doesn't wait.
Pretty roses & succulents in the garden

A savory mushroom, brie, spinach, and shallot quiche

brunch in the backyard

Mellow cows on the wayside, hiking with my dog

I wish for more good days without the blurriness and of blundering allergies, to spend lunching in the backyard and soaking in the springtime sun before the summer doldrums hit and the hills fade from their lush green to a sunbaked goldenrod scape.

I wish for good sleep and cuddles and the deepest slumbers and just pure rest, pure, undisturbed rest.

I wish for headache-less days and productivity and efficiency and functioning brain cells that let me just study study study and be successful on my MCAT.

There are just 23 days left as of today.


  1. that quiche sounds amazing!

  2. Good luck studying! Make sure to take a nice break outside!!

  3. Beautiful post - it's inspired me to just relax and enjoy the day!

  4. Just found your blog!
    Greetings from Italy,